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Stop Engaging Your Employees

I meet some leaders who struggle with focusing on engagement. Or some may even disagree that engagement is important. They see engagement as a distraction to getting actual work done.

So I of course tell them what they aren't prepared to hear. Which is to "stop focusing on engagement."

As someone who has helped leaders and companies drive engagement over the years, it is hard for me to say those words.

While we can't ignore engagement, the last two years have shown that happiness isn't always what employees need when we are trying to navigate uncertainty and confusing times.

So stop asking yourself on how to engage your team and consider asking how you can:

Reduce frustrations. Often what can make an experience better isn't by adding more, but by making it simpler. Easier. Less complicated.

Arm managers to address well-being using emotional intelligence. This study by McKinsey shows how disconnected some executives and employees can be when it comes to well-being. And how ill-equipped executives feel in helping others and themselves on the topic.

Ask and use feedback from employees. And ask those who aren't engaged. We often skip over people who we feel aren't committed when we may be missing out a chance to solve small issues for the person.

By focusing less on engaging employees and more on resolving issues that stem from - well their actual work - you might find that you're engaging employees after all.

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