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A business’s unique culture can be a powerful differentiator and competitive advantage. It can help a company grow, drive high-performing talent to your doorstep, and create a great place to work. 

To build a meaningful strategy around your people, you need a partner who can figure out what makes you different, and help show you the way. 


This is what Mike Bensi is known for - helping organizations focus on what matters most - their  people. 

Mike helps organizations build strategies that transform their culture and employees, as well as the leaders who support them.


Fueled by his desire to create stronger relationships between leaders and their employees, Mike's own leadership and consulting roles have always been focused on designing more people-centered experiences within the organizations he supported. 


Strategic Consulting

Organizations want employees to be engaged. And employees want to be more involved and empowered. (You'd think this culture thing would be easy.)


However, most organizations struggle with how to make this happen ― and ensure they are focusing on the right areas. Mike can help you reframe that focus by providing high-level guidance, support, and expertise.

Mike becomes your strategic sounding board, anytime you need one. He knows what it takes to aggressively manage and grow a business while maintaining the right infrastructure. From performance management to recruiting strategies, Mike provides the guidance to help you and your leadership team achieve your short- and long-term goals. 

Mike's expertise helps assess your culture and HR-related needs and opportunities. As an extension of your management team, Mike’s there when you need him. Mike’s outside perspective will help you see the big picture and identify opportunities to move forward. 

leadership coaching

Leadership can be a lonely job. Whether you’re new to the role or an experienced leader, it can be lonely at the top and many top performers find value in hiring a professional coach.


Mike’s nuanced, insightful, and challenging questions help provide clarity and insight. Accompanied with a 360-degree and behavioral assessments, he can help your leaders gain greater self-awareness and establish meaningful and measurable personal-development goals.


speaking & facilitation

Even as leaders, the

thoughts and beliefs we

have about ourselves

can hold us back

from our day-to-day life.

The Success of Failure provides a path to allow any leader, young or experienced, to learn how to pick ourselves back up and be stronger than before.

"The Success of Failure puts a human perspective on lessons that
apply to the entry-level manager up to the CEO. The book features
relatable characters that inspire thoughtful change in both behavior
and mindset. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to improve
themselves and the people they lead.

                                                           - Nick Smarrelli, CEO GaddellNet

Available At these locations


As an experienced leader and consultant, Mike speaks credibly to HR and talent-management audiences. In sessions ranging from one hour to a half day, his practical, hands-on, and entertaining style ensures your organization's talent efforts are productive and effective.



Topics that get Mike and his audiences fired up include: 

  • Rock Your Employee Experience. Discover impactful - yet simple - ways to help your company better attract and grow talent. 

  • Build an Unbreakable Team. Learn the importance of the uncomfortable topic of failure - and the strategies to help your team get comfortable with failure. 

  • The Power of Coaching. Explore the coaching leadership mindset and how feedback - asking and receiving - plays into help others grow and thrive. 


Contact Mike to learn more about ways to work together or 

email Mike now at mbensi@mikebensi.com.

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