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20 Ways to Improve Culture in the Time of COVID

2020 isn’t shaping up to be the year we thought it would. And surely we couldn’t have predicted that a pandemic and the ongoing issues of racial justice would be the top issues leaders would face in the workplace. 

Organizations came out of the gate during the pandemic in a sprint. You probably did too. Holding Zoom meetings. Rearranging travel. Adjusting calendars and protocol and systems for this “new normal.” 

Now, you’re tired. Fatigued. Stressed. And you want to move on. What’s worse, your employees are feeling this too. 

What worked before won’t work now, at least in the same ways you’ve always approached your people strategy. What’s a good leader to do in the time of COVID-19?

While predicting the future isn’t part of this talk, we will discover 20 specific (and mostly free) strategies you can use to maintain and even improve culture during this time - however long it may last. 

During the session, you will learn: 

  • The core components of a strong people strategy. 

  • Specific tactics for companies and leaders to utilize to grow employee engagement and performance during these difficult times. 


Session Takeaways

  • Employee engagement has seen record highs and record lows during 2020

  • Specific pitfalls and challenges that working has faced in the time of COVID

  • Leaders can focus on workplace culture during these difficult times in how they:  

    • Consistently communicate

    • Maintain connection

    • Remember to recognize

    • Allow employees to build their routine

    • Cut down on distractions

    • Redefine culture fit

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