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Fifty-Three Ways to Rock Your Employee Experience

Many companies today are focusing on creating a great place to work. Some try to create this by hitting on all the latest trends of the modern workplace, including ping pong tables, free beer, and flexible work schedules. 


But those same companies get frustrated when engagement is low, turnover is high, and employees look lost and confused. 


Great companies differentiate themselves by creating a thoughtful employee experience, or people, strategy. They have created their own recipe to blend together the significant areas of their employee life cycle—such as attracting, welcoming, and engaging talent as the key areas.

Competitors can copy your work spaces and employees benefits. But they can’t copy your people. Nor can they build an employee experience that is truly the same as yours. Learn how to create your own recipe towards differentiation.

During the session, attendees will learn: 

  • The importance of the employee experience within today’s fight for talent. 

  • The core components of a strong employee experience.

  • Strategies for companies, and leaders, to grow your employee experience and be a differentiator from your companies.

Session Takeaways

  • Companies don’t recruit and retain any longer; they attract, welcome, engage, optimize, and transition employees as part of a strong employee experience. 

  • Employee experience isn’t just HR’s job; it is the job of every leader within the organization. 

  • Leaders can own specific areas of the employee experience, including: 

    • Communicating and documenting the company’s "why"

    • Ensuring your management team knows how to attract talent 

    • Communicating more than you need to

    • Asking for more feedback than you would want to hear

    • Taking action on the feedback you receive

    • Creating comfort with failure

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