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The Importance of Simply Meeting

You never know the impact you have in a conversation.

A manager I know met with her employee at their recent 1:1. At the time, the employee was struggling with his workload and feeling overwhelmed. The manager focused much of her questions on helping him find opportunities to delegate. They finished the meeting with a short list of actionable items. The employee was smiling again by the end of the meeting.

When she reached out a week later, she asked the employee for progress update. In the back of her mind, she was curious to hear what he got out of the meeting. She was prepared to listen to the wonderful changes that he made in his work based on the ideas they generated.

Surprisingly, the employee said he tried absolutely none of those ideas that they discussed.

But - and there was a but - he was in a much better spot with his performance. He was caught up on work and prioritizing in the right areas.

The employee told this manager that the biggest takeaway wasn't the list they created. Rather, by his manager listening and helping him brainstorm to create solutions - he felt less flustered and overwhelmed in his work. And he felt validated and heard in his concerns.

Sometimes helping isn't creating the most or best amount of knowledge for someone. But that you cared enough to make the time for someone else.

People may not always do what you ask or suggest. But they are listening!

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