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Stop Trying to Change Their Mind

My daughter loves soccer.

And she loves being a teenager.

When I tell her to practice soccer, I receive an "uh-huh" as she continues to look at the screen of her iPhone while sitting on the couch. When I tell her she should play with other friends on the team just for "fun", she rolls her eyes.

But when I place a soccer ball in her room, she starts to dribble the ball more often.

Yes, it is in the hallway of our house. But technically, she practices.

In your organization or within your team, how many times do you focus efforts on trying to change how someone should think to get them to perform differently or better?

When really, you can get more accomplished by changing what they do.

It can be the difference between trying to convince people that they can ask for help versus creating a frequent stand-up team meeting to address and solve issues and questions.

Great companies and teams aren't great because they change the way their people think. They focus on creating opportunities to help others change the way they do.

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