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Leadership Instructions Not Included

I love me a good set of instructions. It can make me look brilliant.

My kids think I'm amazing at Legos. Some people (definitely not my kids) say I'm a decent cook. But it is only because I love to follow instructions.

When I don't have instructions, however, I feel lost. I recently Googled "how to celebrate a wedding anniversary" which might say other things about me. When I didn't find what I liked, I went on Facebook to see how other people celebrated their anniversaries - which brought up loads of unhealthy comparison issues.

Leading other people doesn't come with one set of instructions.

Trust me - I've Googled it.

While I can easily find tips, tricks, and hacks, the idea that I can apply those same tips, tricks, and hacks and think that I might be able to accomplish the same results is about as helpful as me getting marital advice on Facebook.

What might be more helpful than focusing on the right way to lead is to understand what is your way of leading. Do you know what your way is? Do you know what you're good at - and what you're not?

Forget trying to figure out the right way to lead because it could be wrong for you. Next time you go for a Google search, instead, trying searching for how you personally view leadership.

Or anniversary ideas, because I'm coming down to the wire on this one.

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