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How to Make Time to Meet

When things get busy for me, I tend to focus on all of the stuff I need to get done. My list of emails. Uncompleted projects. This monthly blog that you and my mom eagerly wait for each month.

By focusing on that stuff, I often forget to spend time with people who matter. Sometimes it might be checking in on a client. Sometimes it is family. Often times it is checking in on my mom.

I was reminded of this when a client asked me to meet in person. My first response was to ask if everything was OK. Had I done something wrong? We had been working together virtually since the pandemic started. And I had read the research that small meetings can be as efficient by video call as in person. Things seemed to be going just fine.

We agreed to meet in person. To take the time to travel. To take the time to coordinate a meeting space. All to be reminded that it is worth the time to be together in person.

We were able to pick up on the gestures and visual cues that Zoom had been missing for us. We were able to notice emotions easier. But at a simpler level, we had prioritized the time. Making that time more intentional rather than another Zoom call to run to.

This isn't a case to fully work in the office. We both were grateful for the end of our time to run back to our list of stuff. Rather, it is a case to ensure you're making the time. If you're remote, meet in-person occasionally. If you're already in person, make the time for your regular 1:1.

Because it is worth it. And your mom will thank you for it.

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