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Help Your Team During a Losing Season

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That was my sportsball team's record during my final season in high school. We were terrible. I was terrible.

And I always think back on that season as the best ever. But don't mince words - we weren't happy with how we were playing. There were definitely tough moments during what felt like a very long three months of the season.

But our coach created a team culture that kept us motivated - no matter the score.

And in business, there are times when one team or an entire company can experience a losing season. And as a leader of people, it's essential to approach this situation with an ability to:

Keep score differently. Our coach asked us early in the season on what we wanted to learn that season. By focusing on the things that we could control, we were able to go back to the fact that we were making progress - even if the scoreboard didn't show it.

Celebrate the smaller wins. Acknowledge even the smallest victories and efforts. Celebrating incremental progress boosts morale and helps the team maintain motivation, despite the setbacks.

Constantly communicate. When times are tough, it isn't a time to work behind your desk. Talking more with the team creates a platform for collaborative problem-solving and lets your team know you're there to support them.

Allow your team to lead. Our coach would assign "coaches" for each game. It allowed the team to brainstorm solutions and action plans which motivated us to work collectively towards improvement.

Leading your team through a losing season may not be as much fun as a winning season; however, it is a true test of leadership. By implementing these strategies, you can guide your team toward a path of resilience, growth, and eventual success. As it is in the face of adversity that a leader's true strengths shine through.

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