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Find the "Who" to Help You with Your "How"

The end of the year is a wonderful time to reflect. On accomplishments. Lessons learned. Goals for next year.

If I had the time to reflect that is.

Rather, I find myself looking at my to-do list I've been carrying around for most of the year. Instead of reflecting on good things, I'm reflecting on the question of "how will I get this stuff done".

When thinking on a to-do list, many leaders can get overly focused on how they will get things done rather than thinking about those who can help. They believe that as a leader, they must be involved in all details of the business and that is why they are there. In their minds, that is the burden they carry as a leader.

Delegation remains an often-missed skill and ability in how leaders view their role. Those who have mastered the art of delegation know they can't, and shouldn't, do everything themselves. They're able to resource others quietly and artfully.

I, on the other hand, struggle loudly and painfully.

Don't miss your opportunity to ask "who can help me" rather than "how will I get this done" to allow you the ability to move quickly and/or get things off your plate. It can help you find time to focus on activities that matter and create value, while giving your team members an opportunity to develop and grow. And maybe you'll even have a chance to pause and reflect a little this year.

Looking for delegation tips? Find more information here.

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