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Ask for Problems - Not Solutions

Every company wants employees who are innovative, creative, and great at problem solving.

To promote that thinking, leaders sometimes use the catchphrase "Don't come to me with problems, come to me with solutions" to help challenge the team or show that the leader believes in the team to solve the issue.

More often than not, when a leader shuts down sharing sharing problems, they risk shutting down sharing. If someone doesn't know the solution, they may not share the problem at all.

And if a leader isn't hearing about problems, they aren't hearing about real issues or frustrations that their team members are having. To make sure you're hearing the right problems in order to build a solution:

Make it easy for employees to share a problem and that sharing problems means that we are constantly wanting to learn.

Focus your messaging that once a problem is identified, you'll work together to come up with a collaborative solution.

Proactively ask for problems and frustrations in your team.

Being open to people sharing problems doesn't mean you have to change everything. But rather, than you're open to their opinions and input - even if they don't have all the answers.

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