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Leadership Evolution

The growth of a business typically falls a very linear (and upward) path - if we’re lucky. The growth of a leader, however, feels anything less than linear. 

We also know that in this tough job-market, it is hard to recruit and keep good people. This presentation will explore various methods – and their benefits – of how to evolve our management and leadership skills. By heightening your awareness to your specific behaviors as a leader, you will be able to take action and better equipped to connect the dots on linking employee success to business success. 

During the session, attendees will learn: 

  • The importance of mindset and emotional intelligence in our approach as a leader

  • The common phases - and pitfalls - as we evolve as leaders

  • The value of feedback in creating greater efforts towards coaching

  • Understand additional tools to help lead meaningful conversations and build productive relationships with team members.

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