Use the Small Moments in Learning

There is this vicious cycle that I see in organizations when it comes to employee growth and development. Employees want more of it. According to this Linkedin report, employees would stay longer with a company if the company invested in learning and development. Companies don't offer enough of it. And employees will be more likely to leave if it isn't offered. Classroom training isn't as effective as companies envision it will be, says this article. Even when offered, this report found that employees are too busy to take the time to attend to training and development programs. Since training isn't offered, and we're too busy, employees still ask for more training. If you're like my client w

How much is too much?

I have a friend who is a physician. When I bring up the mantra of "fail fast and fail often", her response is that the patient would be dead - fast - if she failed. And then she rolls her eyes at me for even mentioning said mantra. Whether or not we deal with life or death situations like my friend, leaders do have to balance the tension between growing and encouraging their teams to try new things versus deciding how much is too much failure. Here are four areas to help with that decision and even help create the space for innovation with your team: Risk I commonly find two areas within risk-taking; (1) the task that involves the risk and (2) the decision that was made to take the risk. If

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