Measuring Success in the Journey

We live in a world that seems to only ask, “What have you done for me lately?” You see this in sports as coaches and players who were able to win four years ago are questioned when the team starts losing. You see this in business when leaders get frustrated at the pace of making change. And you see this in ourselves in our own goals. We get frustrated with ourselves when we aren't accomplishing what we wanted. We believe we're not moving fast enough, or that we're not accomplishing as much as we wanted to. And that there is still. So. Much. To do. Along the way, we ask ourselves that question: “What have you done lately?” It’s a question that can cause us to become unhappy with what we've do

Six Reasons Why You're on the Hiring Struggle Bus

When we make a bad hire, we often look at the hire and not ourselves. We blame their lack of progress or lack of connection with the team on that person rather than actions we’re taking during the recruitment process. Hiring top talent is one of the most important things you can do for your business. To hire right, Richard Branson says this “takes time, the right questions, and a healthy dose of curiosity.” Unfortunately, we try to move too fast, don’t think about what questions to ask, and are more focused on finding someone to fill a spot rather than someone who is a good fit. Here are six reasons you’re not finding the right talent for your business - and how to fix them. #1 You’re not cl

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