Reach for Talent by Selling Your Culture

If I asked you to think about your favorite company brands, it probably wouldn’t take long to come up with a solid list. Giants like Apple and Starbucks consistently rank at the top of the most well-known brands. But if I asked you to describe the internal brand of each company on that list, how much information would you know? You could share some benefits they offer or other nice perks, but can you describe their internal culture? Why does this matter? For one, it is increasingly difficult to recruit top talent in today’s market since candidates have their choice of options when looking for the next opportunity. Second, company culture ranks at the top of the list of qualities people look

Help Your Team Move Mountains Together

How about this stat to start your day: "Only one-third of managers could correctly identify their firms’ top three priorities, a survey found." Yikes. As leaders, we all have big goals we are trying to achieve for the organization. Perhaps it’s a sales or growth number. Or the goal to create a best place to work. And we talk about these goals with our team. And we talk and talk and talk. But apparently, not as many people are listening as we hoped. If you're a leader, you might be wondering why don’t they get it? If people talk about wanting transparency, what more do they want? The trouble isn’t that they don’t get it. They hear you. They see what the organization is capable of. The problem

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