Create Discovery Opportunities for New Hires

Trying to organize all the "to-dos" for new hires can be overwhelming for both hiring managers and HR. And when things start to feel overwhelming or confusing to an organization, it can feel the same to employees. A recent BambooHR survey showed that three-fourths of new hires said training during the first week on the job is most important to them. A 2007 study from the Wynhurst Group found that new hires are 58% more likely to be at the same company three years later if they had completed a structured onboarding process. Without a strong process in place, employees don't understand their role or expectations. They feel confused or alienated. And then they leave. Employees want a well-worn

The Biggest Mistake You Make in Talking about Employee Performance (and Five Ways to Fix it)

When the topic of employee performance comes up with leadership teams, I typically hear two challenges: Challenge #1. The process is too long. Too confusing. Leaders get frustrated that employees aren't better connected to company performance and goals. Challenge #2. Employees are asking for feedback but getting little to no information from their manager on their performance or their development goals. Employees get frustrated - and less engaged. To address these challenges, leaders take on the burden to manage the entire process. Carrying that heavy load tends to lead to the desire to blow up the performance process and do away with it altogether. The biggest mistake in doing this is that

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