Why is the "Why" So Hard (and so Darn Important)

I've been known to use the word "why" like my three-year old. "Why did you start your business?" "Why do employees work here?" "Why do you work?" This past month, the table has flipped. Starting my own business has brought the opportunity for friends, clients, and even my kids to ask me "why". And the toughest why to answer has been my own "why" - my purpose of my business. The reason I do what I do. I'm now in the same seat as many of the entrepreneurial and organizational leaders I've worked with to pull out their own whys. And why, might you ask, is the "why" so hard to draw out? We're busy. Starting and running a business can get us lost in the daily grind of the never ending things to

When All You Do is Meet

When people ask what I do for a living, I can go into a very lengthy explanation of my roles with company culture and leadership. When someone asks my 10 year-old daughter, however, she often responds with one word "meetings". I'd imagine you're in a similar situation. Meetings can take up most of our day, leaving little time to feel like we’re getting work done as managers. And if it feels like you’re in more and more meetings lately, you’re right. According to the WSJ, time spent in meetings has risen over the last decade, and is likely to continue to increase. Not only are meetings on the rise, but productivity of the meetings is on the decline. Given this recent stat, you’re more than l

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