Start Small to Go Big on Your Next Project

I love hearing about an organization's history and journey. About how they started, how they grew and the lessons that came along the way. In business, it's so true that where we start isn't always where we end up. However, when I talk to those same organizations about projects they want to take on, there is always this perception that they need to start big. Take a recent conversation I had with a client of mine who was considering starting performance reviews. The CEO said that she wanted employees to receive more consistent feedback from their managers. The CFO said that the reviews had to be tied to compensation reviews. HR said they needed a performance management system to track it all

Why You're Struggling to Figure Out HR

When hiring for a specific role, it's easy to fixate on finding the perfect person. Someone who can pay attention to the details, while navigating complex relationships. Someone who can manage projects at a quick pace, while taking time to make difficult decisions. Someone who just doesn't exist. A unicorn, if you will. And what happens when you have to hire for human resources? Leaders can talk themselves into the need for the perfect HR unicorn. Job descriptions can list the ability to lead change, focus on business strategy, all while keeping the company out of trouble. Eventually, leaders realize there isn’t a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but rather a steaming pile of frustrati

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